5 top travel blogs in Poland to help you target Polish holidaymakers

Let’s make a simple equation.

Fact No 1 – travelling is one of the top activities Poles choose to perform during their free time. They love to travel, often leave their homes just for a city break.

Fact No 2 – we stay plugged into the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week nowadays. We always carry our smartphones and what do we do at home? We turn on the computer, no matter the size of it.

What do we receive merging those two activities? A travel blog. And a top travel blog can be a very powerful tool to reach Polish holidaymakers. Let’s find out which website will be the most appropriate to do so. Here are 5 Polish travel blogs to advertise in.

Travel blog can be a very powerful tool to reach Polish holidaymakers

Travel blog can be a very powerful tool to reach Polish holidaymakers


Loswiaheros is a very popular travel blog run by young couple – Alicja Rapsiewicz and Andrzej Budnik. They travel around the world, describing their experiences for the readers. Andrzej considers himself not only as to be a traveller, but also a tech geek. This can be an excellent place to advertise electronics and new technologies.


Podróżniccy went big. The number of ‘likes’ of their FB fanpage exceeded 31.000. This is really something for a Polish travel blog. Alicja and Jakub Górniccy are very creative and owing to this their blog became one of the most popular in Poland. They always place very interesting projects on the website and, hence, it is being followed by many readers.


Skokwbok, run by Maciek Klimowicz, describes mostly Thailand and bordering countries. It is both travel blog and vlog. Everything related to Thailand, including flights, hotels and activities could find its place on this website. Maciek discovers both very popular places and the unknown ones.


Kasia and Marcin created this blog (and vlog) to be a reflection of their passion. They travel around the world, visiting fantastic places. They are followed by nearly 9.000 people on facebook fanpage. This is another good material to advertise in. Sponsoring perhaps?

Somos dos (somosdos.fotowyprawy.com/blog)

This one is quite different than others. It’s run by Asia, a single parent travelling with her little daughter. One day, when the child was 20 months old, they hit the road, or rather hit the world. The journey had never stopped and it continues while you are reading this. A very interesting story. They move from one to another corner of the globe with no more than 4 pounds a day in their pockets. It may not be a professional travel blog, but again – what is a professional travel blog anyway? It’s all about the people who follow it and there are over 6.000 of them in this case.

A skilful marketer would know best how to take advantage of travel blogs. The doors to Polish travel blog market stand open.

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