How Lidl won its place in Polish homes? [Case Study]

Last year, couple of weeks before Christmas, one of the most popular German retail companies made its way straight to Polish tables. It was a well-planned and well-performed advertising campaign. Let’s analyse how Schwarz Group, the owner of Lidl brand, achieved that.

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Lidl brand is a food retail chain, very popular in Poland. Their main goal is to offer good quality products at very reasonable prices. The tricky part is, they must compete with other food discounts, mainly owned by Jeronimo Martins – a big player on the Polish food market.

The marketers of Lidl decided to print a cookbook. They titled it ‘Ryby są super’, which may be translated info ‘Fish are great’. It fitted perfectly into the current healthy lifestyle fashion in Poland. And since the fish are being transformed into various dishes during Christmas in Poland, the timing was perfect.

The book costed less than one penny. You only had to collect 6 stickers, each given to you after spending 10 pounds on shopping. And as you may assume, people do shop before Christmas. The book has been published in 2 million copies. Most of them probably found their owners. Even if only a half of them had been sold (or rather given away), one million of Poles had the book in their homes. One million of Poles had placed the Lidl logo on their bookshelves or in a very special place in their kitchen. That’s really something.

The marketers of Lidl decided to print a cookbook: ‘Ryby są super’

The marketers of Lidl decided to print a cookbook: ‘Ryby są super’

Why was the book so attractive to Poles?

The publication were very elegant and professional. It consists of 300 pages with 80 recipes. There are plenty of high quality pictures in this book, made before, during and after the cooking.

The more important is the fact, that there are two famous Poles on the cover. First one is Karol Okrasa, very popular Polish cook. The other one is Dorota Wellman, a journalist, famous for her TV programmes. The book describes their kitchen adventures in a very interesting way.

What is the result of it? Lidl in, probably, over one million Polish homes. The logo on the book strengthens the brand awareness. Simple and very clever.

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