How Poles market their global brands abroad?

Travelling brings new experiences in various dimensions of life. It is a very common situation when a tourist, visiting some foreign country, becomes aware of some interesting facts concerning his or her fatherland. From that moment tourist’s eyes become wide opened and after the return to the country of origin same things start to look slightly different. This is where the story about Polish global brands abroad begins.

When domestic market is not enough

There are many fine companies on the Polish market, able to compete with global brands. Most of them are well-known and highly-valued by Poles, even though they do not realise some of those brands are worldwide known. High quality and reasonable prices are what attracts them and directs towards choosing products made in Poland. Those two high-grade attributes are also the basis of the success of Polish brands abroad.
As a natural stage of a growing business, after saturating the domestic market, a successful company should focus either on developing some innovations or putting steps in order to enter a foreign market. Marketing abroad is always a risky investment, although if there is no risk – there is no additional income. Some Polish managers have undertaken that risk and created successful Polish brands abroad. Owing to that, Poland becomes worldwide known not only because of the dramatic history of the country, but also because of the present successes.


Made in Poland

Professionalism and high-quality became Poland’s export goods

Polish brands abroad – innovative, professional and high-grade

Professionalism and high-quality became Poland’s export goods. One of the most recognisable Polish global brands is Inglot. This cosmetics manufacturer started from selling nail polishes. Its international career began in 2006 with the opening of the first foreign salon in Montreal. Nowadays it is one of the most famous cosmetics brands of the world. What was the key to this immense success?
Innovation and the highest quality. Inglot gave ladies an extremely wide range of fully personalised, high-class nail polish and eye shadows colours, with a quality comparable with excellent French brands, but sold for little less. The brand owes its success also to placing its salons in the most sophisticated locations, such as Dubai, Malta or Times Square in New York. What is worth mentioning – the philosophy of the company is based on the quality. It looks like there is no economical environment able to resist that attribute.

Another successful Polish brand definitely worth mentioning is CD Projekt. This company produced one of the most popular computer game called ‘The Witcher’. This product helped CD Projekt gain an international success, while its sequels doubled and even tripled the income. The third part of this incredibly moneymaking game has been sold in outstanding 6 million copies worldwide. The fact that Polish prime minister presented Barrack Obama with “The Witcher” during his visit in Poland demonstrates the scale of the success.
CD Project has also developed – a website selling Good Old Games, adjusted to current operating systems. This hit the bull’s eye and became extremely popular in the USA and western Europe. Since 2012 provides also games for Apple devices as well as new releases. Once again an outstanding quality and innovation won the market.

There are many other Polish global brands which history tells that professionalism along with the highest-quality is a key to the success. PESA trains, CCC and Gino Rossi shoes, FAKRO windows or mail system are just a few examples of what Polish companies are capable to achieve.


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