How to market to Polish Millennials?

Give it to me fast, faster, immediate! Ooops, it took you too long, I’m for another brand now, sorry. It must be fashionable and, above all else, it must be authentic. I prefer original to glamour. Offer me something others desire and my heart, along with my wallet is totally yours.

This, in short, is a description of young generation of Polish Millennials and it takes a lot of good planning to market their taste.

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Polish Millennials are surrounded by the digital world the same way their peers in the Western Europe are


Old tricks do not affect Polish Generation Y

Polish Millennials are surrounded by the digital world the same way their peers in the Western Europe are. This also means they follow trends and fashions with the same manner. Corporations, banks and other advertisers are not able to market Generation Y in Poland with famous faces any more. Famous in a classic way that is. Polish Millennials’ hearts can no longer be won with old advertising tricks. Young people do not trust old brands and the way their products are presented to them. It is a new generation of consumers and it demands a new approach.

How to gain attention of Polish Millennials? 

YouTube, twitter, Facebook, Instagram – those are the basics of marketing Polish Millennials. Youtubers these days are very influential and set trends for days ahead. Polish brands and Polish branches of international corporations noticed that already. There can be found examples of new way of advertising products to Generation Y in Poland.

Bank Millennium, one of the largest Polish bank, offered Radek Kotarski, a famous Polish youtuber to be the face of their new advertising campaign. Why do I think it was a bull’s-eye hit? Youtubers are close to those people, they are real and often come from the neighbourhood and, hence, become trustworthy. And it is all about gaining the trust. Once you get a famous youtuber to attract more clients, the market is yours.

There is, however, a threat which may deeply influence both the advertiser and the youtuber. The offered product must be verified for its trueness. If a trustworthy youtuber says that something is black, it must be actually black, not white or any other colour. A minor lie can cause an irreparable damage to both the company and the youtuber.

Furthermore, Polish Millennials simply adore unique or niche products. Kanye West is an ideal example of delivering Generation Y precisely such a product they need. The brand’s created limited edition and thus quite expensive shoes. Young Poles waited for five days in a queue to be able to get the latest Kanye Wests. On cold, windy and snowy Polish February. The staff presented them with sandwiches and hot drinks. And Millennials kept waiting. Why? Because they wanted to get that product. Some planned to sell it for higher price and some just wanted to own it. As they waited, the desire to keep the shoes grew stronger and some of them probably changed their mind and kept it for themselves.

It is a lot of work of professional marketeers to gain attention of Polish Millennials. Fortunately, there are marketeers among this generation as well.

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