How to target Polish SMEs?

Since the begging of the internet, the advertising metamorphosed. The www is the place to market literally everyone. This also refers to Poland. Therefore, if you consider marketing to small and medium-sized enterprises, you ought to make it through the internet.

Target: Polish managers

What is the first thing you do when looking for some information? There’s no need to answer that, is there?

Polish managers are usually constantly connected to the web. If it is not the company’s laptop it will be company’s phone, or a private one. That or another, they surf the web both for work and during free time. And this should be your place to find them and offer them your services or products. How to get there?

Use Polish local search services

One of the best ways to target Polish SMEs is to advertise in local service search. They collect information about companies providing their services nearby and return results to the client. In Poland, one of the most effective company gathering this kind of data is Eniro.

Eniro owns a very popular Polish brand called Panorama Firm, which could be translated as “companies’ overview”. A dozen years ago PF had been presented to Poles in a traditional, paper way – similar to telephone book. Poles used to use that book to search for local services; it has been very popular those days. It evolved through the years and the internet had replaced the paper. Now is the place to search for the local business. Therefore it can be a very good spot to place your advertisement in.

Their main competitor, CSGroup, the owner of PKT (Polskie Książki Telefoniczne – trans. Polish Phone Books) runs This is a very similar website to They both concentrate on local services.

One of the best ways to target Polish SMEs is to advertise in local service search.

One of the best ways to target Polish SMEs is to advertise in local service search.

Let them click you

Did you know that the best hour for car fleet advertising is 8 P.M.? Or that managers search for cars twice as often on Wednesdays than on Fridays? This valuable information can determine the success of failure of the campaign.

When targeting SMEs in Poland, you should consider contacting Businessclick. This company specialises in creating online campaigns, based on audience targeting. They use mostly context marketing and they do it with high precision. Businessclick provides market investigations to be able to perfectly suit to the audience. They pick the right place and time to advertise your company. And this can be crucial to succeed.

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