Lifestyle and luxury portfolio of Burda Media in Poland is one of the strongest in the market [Interview]

Interview with Michał Helman – Publishing Director of Burda Media Polska Sp. z o.o., leading publisher in Central and Eastern Europe

What is the Burda Poland portfolio?

Burda Poland is a part of Burda International GmbH, which operates on 17 markets, publishes over 290 magazines and runs a large number of web portals. Burda International is a leading publisher in Central and Eastern Europe, expanding its activity into the Asian markets. Burda International employs 2 400 people.

Polish branch, Burda Poland, publishes over 45 magazines and runs 18 websites. We are a leading publisher of the major international brands, e.g. ELLE, ELLE Decoration Glamour, InStyle, Gala, National Geographic, Focus.

Burda’s local portfolio looks quite impressive as well. It includes magazines like Claudia, Dobre Rady, Moje Gotowanie, Sielskie Życie or Przyślij Przepis. Apart from publishing, Burda Poland runs also some of the topmost Polish web portals. Our services include:,,,,,,,

Considering sold circulation and advertising revenue shares, Burda is one of the TOP 3 major publishers in Poland

What are the shopping trends in the Polish Online market?

graph65% of population has access to the Internet, half of them are regular e-commerce buyers. E-stores are still very popular, they are visited by 80 % of internet users. Not only they shop but also search for the product information – ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline).

We expect the Polish e-commerce market to grow around 20-25 % in next 2 years. Number of transactions will increase by 30-40% (in total) each year. The strongest grow will concentrate in following categories: fashion, accessories, books and RTV/IT equipment.

Poles shop online less than other nations. During last three months only 25% of Poles bought a product online. We expect a strong growth there.

What are the most common advertisers’ mistakes on the Polish Market?

The marketing activity of each company is based on their strategy and KPIs. Sometimes marketers are focusing on short and quick results, skipping the quality and long term perspective. Sadly, quick results are the opposite of long-term strategy and building awareness of the brand, which are crucial for each company.

We always recommend to find the most influencing group of users and readers and direct the message towards them. This is the most effective way of creating a relation between the consumer and the brand.

Let’s imagine a bio-cosmetics start-up online store. Which of your online services would you recommend it to advertise in?

elleWe run a lot of projects with beauty products. Comparing to other parts of Europe, Poland is a major cosmetics market.

The newest issue of ELLE magazine focuses on eco-trends. We organise beauty products’ contests in our magazines. There are the:

  • International beauty awards by ELLE,
  • Glammies by Glamour,
  • Best beauty buys by Instyle.

and this is where we would recommend to place the start-up’s bio-cosmetics products.

Which of your websites are the most popular among your clients? Why?
Digital lifestyle and luxury portfolio of Burda is one of the strongest in the market., and are focusing on very specific target of women interested in fashion and beauty. The websites concentrate on new trends in fashion, related to the celebrities, stars, models, fashion designers and influencers. They are additionally supported by editorial teams, creating strong social media channels.


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