One-third of young Poles want to work abroad

Over one third of respondents (36%) aged 18-24 intend to apply for a job abroad or have already taken such efforts, and every tenth said that in the last decade has been employed abroad – announced by Polish Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS) in November 2012.

“Particularly strong interest in working abroad express Polish students. Almost two-fifths of them (38%) plans to work outside Poland in the future CBOS reported. 

CBOS estimates that in the last ten years about 3.3 M Poles worked abroad.

The results show that the main determinant of economic migration is age, and leaving to work abroad is the domain of the young – in the last ten years outside the Polish worked every fourth respondent in age from 25 to 34 years.

“In the second place, taking a job abroad depends on gender. Recently, the employment outside the country were twice as many among men (16%) than women (7%).” The most active group were men aged 25 to 34 years.

“The most common emigration destination for Poles is Germany. One third of respondents found work in Germany. Second most important destination is UK, where in the last decade worked more than one in five people worked outside of Poland, income abroad (21%)

According to CBOS in the last decade, quite a lot of people undertook a job also in the Netherlands (12%.), Norway (8%), The United States (8%), Italy (7%) And France (6%).

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