Poland will grow rapidly by 2030

The ‘World in 2050’ report, prepared by PwC shows that Polish GDP in 2030, will reach the today’s level of GDP of major economies such as South Korea or Canada. After 2030 growth will slow. According to forecasts, in 2050, compared to 2030, Poland, like Australia, will be outside the top twenty most powerful economies in the world.
The PwC data shows that in 2050 Polish GDP will grow at an average rate of about 2.5% per annum. To illustrate the changes in the level of GDP, PwC analysts compiled the data and forecasts for Poland and German.
At the beginning of the reform process in 1990, Polish GDP, constituted only 8% of German’s GDP, and per capita, 32%. Current indicators comparing Poland and Germany are respectively 30% and 54%.

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