Polish graduates earn five times less than their British colleagues

According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Deloitte, the average Polish graduate believes that 2 199 PLN (£440) is a realistic monthly wage in Poland. Among EU countries, only the Lithuanians and Latvians have a lower financial expectations – respectively 1 946 zł (£390) and 1 948 zł (£390). For comparison, the average British worker aged 25-34 want to earn a minimum of £2,100 a month (about 10 500 PLN).

Meanwhile, the Institute of Public Affairs shows that nearly 70% of young Poles (30 years old and less) have no permanent employment. This means that they can not rely on paid holiday, and do not have paid insurance and pension contributions.

There is more optimistic figures for unemployment in Poland that accounts 10.5% among 25-34 age group. It is slightly higher than in the UK (8.4%), and much lower than in Greece (30%) Or Spain (33%).

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