Two Poles revolutionise the Polish eyewear industry

Two creative Poles, Paweł Porucznik and Dawid Winter successfully broke the duopoly of Luxottica and Safilo – two giants of the Polish eyewear industry. Their startup, 4MOSA gained over £150,000 from their investors last year. And it was a very fruitful investment – the sales increased 6 times during last six months. What’s their secret? How did they achieve it?

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4MOSA gained over £150,000 from their investors last year

The idea behind the success

There is always an idea behind any grand success. In most cases the idea is simple, yet it is hard to reach it. Paweł and Dawid were inspired in Taiwan. An eyewear bought there amazed them with the design and the material – wood imitation. They’ve decided to create their own brand but with far more higher quality. They’ve started manufacturing wooden frames and it was a bulls eye hit.

All they needed was to gain clients’ trust. The owners of 4MOSA got the recipe for this as well. It was, again, very simple – they set a very reasonable price for the eyewear. The cost of their product has been set to 70 pounds, while the prices for an eyewear sold by the competitors start from 170 pounds for a pair of glasses. The difference is quite impressive. How did 4MOSA achieve it?

Perfectly suitable for the Polish eyewear industry

Poles started to place attention to the quality and design of the eyewear relatively recently. Yet the prices offered by Luxottica and Safilo, distributors of brands like Ray-Ban or Prada, were exorbitant for most of them. 4MOSA manufactures and distributes their products with no intermediaries. This lowers the costs greatly, making it a win-win situation.

Furthermore, 4MOSA enables choosing the eyewear at home. A client orders 5 different pairs of glasses and chooses (and pays for) only one, sending back the rest. Very creative and timesaving. Again, a simple idea and a huge success.

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