Why is Snapchat so popular in Poland and how to make use of it?

Snapchat is one of the most talked-about mobile application in the world. In 2016 it reached 100.000.000 daily active users. Great success of this app reached also Poland. Why is it so popular among Poles? Let’s find out.

FMCG – fast moving consumer gigabytes

What does Snapchat do? It allows people to send pictures with some doodle on it, videos and some short text. It doesn’t do nothing more. There are plenty of social media offering a lot more than Snapchat does and yet it wins more market each day. So what is its advantage over Facebook or Instagram? The answer is simple: time.

Snapchat has been designed to delete messages right after they are read. There’s no way back. Read disappears forever. And this is Snapchat’s most precious strength. You simply got to read it before it’s gone. Furthermore, MyStory option allows users to publish posts with 24-hours validity. This is how it attracts people to the smartphone display. Each day. Also in Poland.

There are over 5 million active users of Snapchat in Poland.

There are over 5 million active users of Snapchat in Poland.

Snapchat in Poland – a powerful influencer

There are over 5 million active users of Snapchat in Poland. It is far more popular among young people then adults, yet its potential has been already noticed by celebrities, bloggers and various companies. It may be a very powerful advertising tool, helping increasing sales and brand awareness.

Among others, there is one interesting case of using Snapchat for marketing purposes. Two years ago, when Snap’s popularity weren’t that big, Polish branch of H&M clothing retail chain decided to use it. They organised a campaign, available for users who started to follow their Snapchat profile. There were Boiler Room (underground music event) tickets to get and users ought to follow the instructions published on Snap. According to H&M, there were a huge sales increase during and after the campaign.

Snap in Poland – fasten your seatbelts

Snapchat’s popularity grows constantly in Poland and it seems to accelerate. No wonder many bloggers decide to show on Snap – it greatly increases their popularity.

There are two other issues concerning Snapchat that are worth mentioning. First – the information are rough, unpolished and, hence, real and trustworthy. Second – there are no place for haters on Snapchat. And this makes it all a lot easier for publishers.

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