Worldwide brands – when and how did they enter the Polish market?

Brands nowadays are a part of our lives. We dress in trademarks, drink coffees in branded cups, drive, ride, watch movies, brush teeth and sometimes even breathe with a mark on it. Western civilisation is a brand-based one and it is sometimes hard to tell whether governments or rather wealthy companies rule this world. It is a common knowledge that global brands need selling to survive and grow. This often means marketing abroad. Let us see how global brands dealt with Polish market.

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After the transformation which took place in Poland in the late 80s and early 90s, global brands started entering Polish market.

Brands that won the Polish market

After the transformation which took place in Poland in the late 80s and early 90s, global brands started entering Polish market. It was not an easy task to do, but extremely lucrative if successful. There was a hunger for changes felt in the air these days and there were some who knew how to satisfy it.
Numbers of foreign companies were interested in winning Polish market and it is worth knowing that vast majority were introduced by Poles who knew how to deal with market conditions at the time. In the following paragraph you will find examples of successful global brands in Poland and a little flash-back.

Global brands in Poland – success stories

While western world had benefited from wealth and prosperity, Poland were hermetically closed and under cold, imposed eastern influence. It is an interesting fact that one of the most popular fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s, were founder in 1940 by two brothers: Dick and Mac McDonald’s. No wonder their famous sandwich is called Big Mac, since the alternative could not meet the political correctness.
Poland enjoys their products since 1992, when the opening of the first McDonald’s restaurant took place. On that day, June the 17th, a world sales record has been set with 13304 transactions on the opening. Placed in the centre of Warsaw, it has been one of the symbols of political changes. The chain of this extremely popular restaurants has been imported to Poland by Rafał Sonik. This talented businessman has also made a significant contribution in bringing BP corporation to Poland.

Armani, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Zegna – luxurious brands in Poland
A successful businessman knows how to find a market niche and Jerzy Mazgaj is one of them. It was he who introduced luxurious brands into Polish market, starting from Hugo Boss in 1989. Mazgaj had opened his first Boss salon in Cracow and it was a great success – the more surprising since the price of one suit equaled half of a price of a brand new Fiat, very popular in Poland these days.
After this remarkable success Mazgaj started opening another shops and decided to go the luxurious way. He had convinced other exclusive brands to be brought in to Poland. This let Poles gain access to some outstanding global brands and an enormous boost to Mazgaj’s success. It is worth mentioning that according to Forbes, he is one of the richest people in Poland nowadays.

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