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Poland has moved out into the forefront in Europe and is highly valued as a vibrant and emerging market amongst the CEE countries. Business in Poland is increasing across the board. For example, manufacturing and energy industries output rose by 10.6% in 2010.

Polish companies

At we offer a dedicated service to locate Polish businesses and Polish companies that you can invest in and work with. Foreign investment has favourably increased for the Polish economic market, despite the recession, moving Poland from 11th to 8th Place in Europe. can help you break into the Polish market or further develop your business enterprises in Poland.

Business in Poland is not just a current fad but a long-term and ever-increasing prospect. Ideal conditions in the present and future Polish marketplace. are set for your business to flourish. Poland’s 4% GDP figures speak for themselves, making it a lucrative place for doing business. For instance, the computer and electronic industry has grown by a massive 62% and paper and motor vehicle output has gone up by 21.6% and 20.4% respectively.

Polish Businesses can assist you with seeking out affordable and efficient Polish Businesses to outsource your work. Poland’s stable economic and predictable government make it a highly attractive and competitive option for your business and investments. We can help you with all aspects of marketing and the running of media campaigns.

At we aim to deliver the following consultancy services for your business:

  • We carry out Comprehensive Media research

  • oversees and carries out all your Media planning and buying

  • We launch and promote your new products and services

  • Online and Offline multi-media marketing campaigns will be created for you

  • We help you to access the Polish community and Polish Businesses world-wide

  • Our translation services can help your business at all levels of the campaign and marketing process